Heated shoe insoles, part III + other heated garments

by on 03/03/2018

As I told earlier, I had ordered some cheap chinese heated garments, including heated gloves, socks and insoles. Packets arrived from China in a record time, in about two weeks. I had never got my goods so fast in regular post.

I grabbed Flir thermar imaging camera from work to investigate how these heated garments work. I also tested how my heating controller worked with Lenz insoles. So let’s begin.

First I tested Lenz insoles and as you can see from the picture below, heating element is quite small and it is located near the toes and under sole. Placing seems optimal for heating cold toes.


Power setting is set at 1. This equals 25% power (1,25W / insole)






Next I increased power to 50% (2,5W / insole)






Here power is 75% (3,75W / insole)






And here the power is at 100% (5W / insole)





I tried insoles with ski boots and 100% power heated boots really well. Of course I did not test outside, but in warm office, so I cannot say how they work in cold environment.

Next I tested heated glowes from Banggood ( https://www.banggood.com/12V-Waterproof-Electric-Heated-Gloves-Winter-Inner-Warmer-Motorcycle-Ski-Racing-p-1107738.html?rmmds=myorder&cur_warehouse=CN ) . Glowes were the cheapest I could find so I did not have much expectations.

Gloves felt quite ok and next it was time to put heating on. Gloves were specified to work at 12V, but there were no specification about power or current.

Voltage 5V, current 400mA = 2W.

Voltage 8V, current 650mA = 5,2W

Voltage 12V, current 970mA = 11.6W. With this voltage settings, gloves felt really warm and I believe that hands are kept warm in cold weather. Heating elements are quite well wrapped around the fingers, so the element is at the correct place.

Next I measured heated socks. They are also from Banggood ( https://www.banggood.com/Pair-Of-Electric-Heated-Socks-Hot-Boot-Feet-Warmer-For-Motorcycle-Riding-Skiiing-Black-p-1236997.html?rmmds=myorder&ID=224&cur_warehouse=CN )

I begun heating at 3V and current was flowing at 670mA (2W). Heating element, or should I say heating wire was noticeable warm on top of the foot. Element was only on top of the foot, so underside did not get any heat.





At 5V, current was 1,1A (5,5W) and heating element temperature increased near 100c! With this voltage and current settings, sock got really hot and I could not keep sock on very long. This amount of heating would be too much inside the ski boot.




At the end I measured cheap insoles I orderded from eBay.

I started with 3V and current was 390mA (1,2W). Heating element seemed to be under the foot, but it did not reach the toes as in Lenz insole.





Next I increased voltage to 5V and current was 670mA  (3,4W).






At this point I think I’ll Lenz insoles seemed to be the best and I’ll test them on the winter holiday. I could also test the socks, but the placing of the heating element is not optimal. If the element was under the foot, then they would be much better. And what comes to the gloves, I do not have suitable power source to carry with me during downhill skiing. Maybe I use them in another sport, like ice fishing 🙂